Dark and dramatic – boudoir noir

This was an amazing Noir look photoshoot, the dark and moody lighting was set to enhance this beauty’s curves. Save Save Save

Starting a new chapter, Boudoir as an emotional experience

An interview with Ms.L: Why did you want to do a Boudoir photo session? What did you hope to get from it? “Turning a page in my life…what better way

West Coast Boudoir, An Ocean Siren

An interview with Ms.M about her outdoor “West Coast Boudoir” portrait session………… Why did you want to do a Boudoir photo session? What did you hope to get from it?

Ms H’s boudoir experience

Gosh when I get reviews from clients like this, I tear up. I mean seriously, this is why I LOVE MY JOB. There is an amazing feeling when your clients

A journey towards self love

Here is an outdoor ‘west coast’ woman inspired boudoir photosession. Comox Valley is filled with so many amazing locations, I always have fun and get so inspired with outdoor sessions.

Boo-doir for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Here are some Boo-doir portraits. Just because I can. 😉

Eyes and Lips – a boudoir highlight

This gorgeous lady, Ms.D,  has absolutely killer looks, with wavy hair and piercing dark eyes, and her sense of humour is a riot! We went for a sensual and seductive

Things you should know before hiring a boudoir photographer

I have been photographing women’s boudoir portraits for almost ten years now.  Whether they were for a secret surprise for someone special in their lives, to celebrate a milestone, or for

West coast boudoir dark and moody

At some not-so-secret ruins in an old part of Comox Valley that was the perfect spot for a moody Noir outdoor look. True to “West Coast” boudoir, this woman ROCKED

Unapologetically red, vibrant and confident boudoir

Body suits! A modern piece to think about for your boudoir photo shoot. Surprisingly flattering, they tend to have higher sides which flatter your legs and thighs.  This gorgeous lady,

Noir, moody boudoir look

Perfect for black and white, the simple drama of shadow creates a mystery. Dramatic, sexy, mysterious. Have you booked your experience yet? Save

Flowers for a pop of colour

An anniversary is a great excuse to do a photoshoot! This gorgeous lady brought in flowers to add a pop of colour, as well as a tie and white shirt.

Maternity, Sea the Beauty

This gorgeous Mama had a beautiful sky and light winds to compliment her beauty maternity photo shoot in the sea! As much as some people are not a fan of

Summer boudoir : nymph in the forest

Outdoor photoshoots are definitely for the adventurous, and can have gorgeous and amazing results! This is very much a Vancouver Island look!