Outdoors in just a sheet

I asked Ms.B to write this blog post about her outdoor boudoir inspired portrait session with me. Not only was the location for the session one of my favorite secluded

Beauty on the beach

Every athlete wants strong images that reflect the time and dedication they have put into themselves, and be captured at their strongest with powerful imagery. On top of the standard

Bridal boudoir photography

Thinking of surprising your spouse-to-be with an album full of gorgeous & sexy pictures of you, on your wedding day? Seriously popular among brides, boudoir is not just a trend!

Black lace is classic & sassy

“I recently did boudoir photo’s with Re and leading up to it I was feeling apprehensive and not overly great about myself, but she made me feel so open, comfortable

Vintage Boudoir : A pin-up flair

This gorgeous diva’s look was 60’s inspired, for her vintage boudoir shoot. Lingerie of a bygone era always has so much textural detail and is fun to photograph, I had

Generations of beauty & love

Daughters, Mother, Grandmother. Three generations of women in a family portrait, which something to cherish for years.  I was so thrilled to work with them, not only was the weather

I Don’t Know How to Pose! Excuse #1

I Don’t Know How to Pose! Excuse #1 Thinking about a boudoir shoot but worried you don’t know how to pose? Stop worrying! You don’t know how to cut or

Country themed boudoir

  A little bit of country with plaid and a cowboy hat, this gorgeous women is full of sass. Here are some of my favorites from this shoot!

Mothers Day Portraits 2017

Mothers are incredibly special and precious. This Mothers day, gift her with a luxurious portrait photoshoot to capture her beauty and have images of her to treasure forever! These couture

A beautiful glow – Boudoir during pregnancy

Here are some gorgeous images of the beautiful Ms.B. Little can you tell, she has a barely visable baby bump – her pregnancy is giving her a beautiful glow!  

And there were two : intimate couples portraits

Couples boudoir ~  is the creation of art that focuses on your connection. Simple yet eyecatching, these sessions create amazing iconic portraits destined for your walls, reminding you more of

It was so empowering.

Why did you want to do a Boudoir photo session? What did you hope to get from it? “I wanted to step outside of my box.” Why did you choose

Men posing for boudoir

Something a little different here – male boudoir! Everyone has seen the spoof ‘dudoir’ images circulating Facebook – men posing in traditionally feminine poses. I am not a giant fan